About Us


Create a unique platform to young research analysts and professionals, encourage and engage them to express their views on geopolitics and strategic issues through unbiased analyses, sparking debates and also satisfying neutral readers. Bring together people and professionals across the world to share thoughts and project India’s points of view in emerging world order.



  • Provide a unique platform and an equal opportunity as a strategic research house to showcase and project India’s progress and powers as a new world order emerges.
  • Focus on contemporary geopolitical issues and strategic/foreign affairs in an objective manner to assess the impact on Foreign Policy, Defence and International Relations.
  • Produce finest of un-biased research + opinions in form of both online and print publications. Provide cutting edge analysis to clients on context of geopolitical future through verified open source intelligence and The VRI.
  • Enable our readers to develop a compressive understanding of Geopolitics, Defence Strategy and International Affairs.

About The Viyug


“The premier strategic research house based in Thoothukudi, Tamil Nadu, India for the Asia-Pacific region.”

Launched into online servers on 24th February, 2020; The Viyug is India’s first independent, non-profit, and non-partisan strategic research house to promote innovative thinking and produce finest of unbiased opinions + research on Asia-Pacific’s military, strategy, politics and foreign affairs. Thus we provide expert coverage on geo-political trends from influential audience of commentators, research analysts and academicians.